Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd (SRSL) having touched enriching milestones, has sponsored Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation (SRSDF) in its pursuit of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation (SRSDF) is a Registered TRUST with the sub Registrar of Societies at Belgaum with Registration No. : BEL-4-00004-2005-06 c.d. No. BELD46 , Dated 20.04.2005. Its Registered Office is at B.C. 105, Havelock Road, Cantonment, Belgaum.
This Trust is dedicated to serve the cause of education, health and rural development to bring about the visible / measurable rural transformation and sustainable development through focus education, health care and socio-economic embodiment activities for rural masses, poor, down-trodden and marginalized population of the region around the SRSL Units. These CSR activities also cover the employees of SRSL and their dependant families. Its commitment to CSR is on par with other corporate giants. It gives us pleasure to place before you the brief account of the activities in this sphere

Vision   Mission
To be an Organization of Excellence Ever Responsive to Sustainable Development by Meeting and Exceeding the Expectations of Global environment, Regional Society, Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees
To Make Consistent Endeavour to Meet the Aspirations of Our Stakeholders By;
Working Together & Conducting Business Together in a Manner that is Ethically & Socially Responsible
Creating Long Term Value through Good Corporate Governance
Embedding Environmental and Socio-Economic Considerations into Organizational Operations
Objectives of Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation (SRSDF).
To promote Education, Health Care and Rural Development, gender equality initiatives, development of water resources, training and assistance for employment-oriented /entrepreneurial/ self help ventures and advancement of any other charitable objects of general public by carrying out the activities which are not for profit and without any discrimination of caste, colour, creed, gender etc.
To establish schools, colleges, training centers, health care centers, hospitals, gender equality initiatives, development of water resources, training and assistance for employment oriented/entrepreneurial/self help ventures and advancement of any other charitable objectives of general public utility not involving profits.
To establish and maintain the activities that empower the youth for their socio economic growth and grant scholarships, stipends and financial help to the deserving students and help them in their academic pursuits.
To establish, maintain and grant aid to old age homes, orphanage, to other establishments for relief and help to needy, the destitute, physical handicapped widows during natural calamities, such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire pestilence and other occasion of calamities.
To promote and or maintain institutions for fostering the cause of science, literature, music, drama and fine arts.
To establish and maintain dug wells, bore wells, water works for supply of drinking water for the use of general public and to develop water sources of all kinds for drinking and irrigation including rain water harvesting and micro irrigation systems.
To establish and maintain and grant aid to old age homes, orphanages and other such establishments catering the needs of marginalized population.
To grant relief during natural calamities such as famines, earthquakes, flood, fire and other natural disasters.
To develop income supplementing schemes and ideas for the farmers, especially women and rural community, and promote modern methods of agriculture, establishing of training centers for cane growers, establishment of soil testing laboratories, conduct of on farms trials/live demos, expansion of innovative farm implants etc and import necessary knowledge/information about the same.
To promote social forestry and tree plantation to promote ecological balance.